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(Illinois State Approved)

The Information You Need

Your class instructors are Terry Madler and Joe Motto. Terry is a full-time, active duty Police Officer and Joe is recently retired from the Western Suburbs of Chicago with over 25 years of SWAT experience. We bring a very unique perspective to your Concealed Carry Class. Not only will we cover all the required topics from the State Police, but we will add 40 years of experience from training other Police and SWAT Officers in the legal aspects of using deadly force, as well as proper shooting fundamentals to survive a deadly encounter. You owe it to yourself to receive the best training available. You only get one chance in a gunfight.

Both our Instructors and our 16-hour class curriculum are approved by the Illinois State Police. Contact us if you have prior approved training credits to apply and we will provide you information on the reduced pricing and modified schedule.

Retired/Current Military only have to attend on the Sunday. Please bring a copy of your DD214 to receive the 8-hour waiver for the Saturday portion.

This class meets from 8 am to 4 pm on Saturday and Sunday at our Training Academy in Naperville Illinois (Approximately forty minutes from downtown Chicago). The morning session of the class on Sunday will be held at an off-site shooting range which is located approximately twenty minutes from the classroom.

Through PowerPoint presentation, practical drills and scenario based training, we’ll cover all the following topics in our 16 hour Illinois Concealed Carry Class.

  • Developing a personal and home protection plan to keep your family safe

  • Conflict avoidance and why it's so important

  • Homeland Security's color codes of situational awareness (white, yellow, orange, and red)

  • Mental exercises to prepare for deadly encounters

  • Firearm safety training covering the 4 universal safety rules

  • Proper loading and unloading of a semi-automatic and a revolver

  • Safely taking your semi-automatic and revolver apart for proper cleaning

  • Selecting your concealed carry handgun and ammunition

  • Proper grip and trigger control to shoot accurately

  • Defensive shooting (you're moving and shooting at a moving target) vs. marksmanship shooting (you're stationary and shooting at a piece of paper)

  • Reasonable force and the use of deadly force

  • Understanding the use of force continuum for a Police Officer vs. Civilian

  • Defending your family, home and property against potential threats

  • Understanding how your mind reacts under stress through fight or flight

  • The physiological reactions associated with extreme stress and how it forces our bodies to react. Fine motor skills vs. gross motor skills

  • The immediate aftermath of a critical incident and rendering first aid to yourself and the offender through the use of a first aid kit and tourniquet

  • How do we interact with the police after a self defense shooting and what should we tell them?

  • Different holster positions and carry options for your concealed carry gun

  • Gun belts, gun lights and gun lasers

  • Properly and safely conducting dry fire exercises at home

  • Take home training program which includes dry fire drills, self led and instructor led range exercises and scenario based drills

  • Practical drills drawing your handgun from underneath a sweatshirt/shirt and button down/zippered shirt/jacket

  • Shooting from cover behind our 20 position wall of protection

  • Self defense firearms training-understanding and clearing semi-automatic level 1 (misfire), level 2 (stove pipe), and level 3 (double feed) malfunction drills

  • After you stop the threat drills: Track the offender to the ground, scan for other targets, then move off line to safety

  • Defensive moving and shooting drills using our laser guns and targets to gauge your progress

  • Tactical shooting drills and live fire qualification at the range with your Illinois State Police approved Instructors Joe and Terry

  • Handgun and ammunition selection for personal protection and home defense

  • New carry and conceal laws for your permit to carry a concealed weapon

  • You will receive a 61 page reference booklet containing all applicable State and Federal Laws to take home with you.

  • How to apply online for your Illinois concealed carry permit. 5 year permit has a state fee of $150

  • As you can see, this class is very informative and will open your eyes to the importance of receiving proper firearms training. It's all packed into our 16 hour Illinois Concealed Carry Class which is a must if you will be carrying a firearm to protect you and your family.


  • Must be 21 years or older.

  • Hearing protection and safety glasses for the range. (Can buy at the range)

  • If you own a firearm, bring it unloaded in a case for the live fire range drills.

  • If you own ammunition, bring 30-50 rounds to the range for the range session/qualification.

  • A FOID Card is not required, but if you have one, bring a photo copy for our records.

  • Bring a valid Driver's License or State Id.

  • We will have a State approved fingerprinting vendor available at your class to electronically process your fingerprints for your State Police application. This is an option to speed up your application approval. The cost for this service is $75 and paid directly to them.

  • Please Read - If you need to cancel or reschedule, we will allow a reschedule or issue a refund (only if you bought direct from WSCC within the last 90 days) by contacting us in writing via email at least 7 days in advance before your scheduled class. If you fail to show up for your class, get turned away for being late, or notify us of a reschedule with less than 7 days notice, there will be a $50 rescheduling fee if you choose to re-attend class. We will not make any exceptions. 

For information on the Renewal Class, please click here: CCL Renewal Class

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